Earning through website has never been simpler than tool. organizations can consider different advertisements to to be visible on your pages and consequently give you some extra pay. For big website who have huge amount of traffic, these advertisements can turn into a genuine type of revenue.

Likely the most well known publicizing network is AdSense (from tech goliath Google). AdSense is utilized in more than 10 million sites. It is lightweight, solid, and effective at what it does.

But the problem with Google sense there are certain requirements and strict guidelines for the account to get activated.If you don’t follow these guidelines then there are very slim chances that you may not get Google AdSense approval

Disadvantages of  using Google AdSense.


AdSense just as most organizations require a type of eligibility criteria before you can begin running advertisements. While Google isn’t that strict with their rules, they do have a more thorough control framework than different organizations. Incase if   Google doesn’t support your page for running advertisements or your AdSense account is blocked for reasons unknown, you need to go for alternative options


Google AdSense is works an vast record of sites, sites, video stages, and other online web pages This implies that in case you are in a particular brand or niche , AdSense probably won’t be the best choice for you. A few choices have much better customization and can give a custom-made answer for your particular topics

Minimum Payout

AdSense has a base pay-out of $100. In the event that you have a little site that doesn’t get a great deal of traffic, this may be a disadvantage for you. Some Google AdSense alternatives have more modest pay-outs which are starting from 5$ which is a great way to start for small websites and are significantly more appealing to little pages and websites.